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“What if?”
AI Grand Challenge:

AI Grand Challenge Benefits


  • Promoting Collaboration Among Funded Organizations & Advancing University Interdisciplinary Journalistic Education: Machine learning encompasses more than just algorithms; it requires expertise in mathematics, statistics, data analysis, computer science, and programming. The "What if?" initiative will encourage participants and those benefiting from resources to engage with all essential disciplines.

  • Providing a platform to explore the potential of interdisciplinary programs, curriculums, or project-driven experiences that bridge journalism and the law (amongst other possible disciplines), including foster cross-disciplinary instruction, which can significantly impact the development and preferential access to cutting-edge solutions within the JFG ecosystem.

  • Exponential Growth in the Foundation's Reach and Impact on Social Good: Expanding local, national, and global influence.

  • Joining the Global Conversation on Good Specific to AI in Journalism​

    • Numerous foundations with smaller annual investments are significantly impacting global well-being.

  • Enhancing Access and Engagement with New and Influential Stakeholders in the AI Field.

  • Establishing Structured Platforms for Ongoing Collaboration: The "What if?" initiative presents an opportunity to create annual challenges that benefit journalism and, by default, prioritize the work of funded organizations. This ensures first access, first resource, first mastery, first usage, and first reporting.

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