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Multimedia Presentation


Vintage Camera


Image by Dan Dimmock


Image by Domenico Loia


Multimedia Presentation


Welcome - this page was crafted to provide you with insight into the memorable moments, engaging meetings, and thoughtful conversations we encountered at the Howard Centers for Investigative Journalism.

Join us as we recap our Howard Center site visits with a comprehensive video presentation that provides a full overview of our visits. We have also included accompanying video snippets, allowing viewers to isolate specific segments of interest from the full video. Additionally, we have compiled written summaries to help you explore the conversations that took place during each event in greater detail. This multimedia concept utilizes a varied, dynamic, and flexible approach to convey information and sharing experiences, including allowing us to disseminate information, rekindle interest in vital topics, and build upon past event conversations with those who could not attend those gatherings.

Commitment to the legacy of Roy W. Howard 
 The Howard Centers 
Celebrating 3 Years of
Innovation, Collaboration & Commitment To The Spirit of Roy W. Howard



Please click watch now to view the full presentation.


Video Segments


Please click below to watch specific segments from the full video.

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