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“What if?” AI Grand Challenge: Overview

AI Grand Challenge Overview


“What if?” AI Grand Challenges are annual events that consist of dual-faceted initiatives, striving to both alleviate uncertainties about AI's impact on journalism and simultaneously encourage the advancement of pioneering tools that enable AI and journalism to harmoniously progress together. Teams may choose to tackle one aspect of the challenge or embrace both.


Bridging these two goals, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of ethical and influential solutions and eagerly seek partners who share in our ambition to foster and champion responsible and efficient AI applications, specifically at the crossroads of AI and Journalism and AI and the Law.


Ideal solutions will be accessible, scalable, and easy to use for journalists, news editors, and media organizations of all sizes, with the ability to adapt to the changing landscape of digital media, including the increasing use of social media and the rise of deepfake technology.


“What if?” AI Grand Challenges offer million-dollar grant awards to the team that can create a working prototype of their solution, which will be judged based on its effectiveness in meeting the defined challenge, as well as its ease of use and accessibility. The grant will support the winning team in its opportunity to work with leading journalists and media organizations to implement and further develop their solution, with the goal of making it an open-source, standard tool for ethical and accurate journalism in the digital age.


If this is what your team has been waiting for, we readily welcome your participation and eagerly anticipate your innovative solutions for leveraging AI to empower journalists, journalism students, and newsrooms in delivering accurate, credible, and engaging reporting to local, national, and global audiences.

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